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Hang Art Installation combines an eye for detail with innovative proprietary hardware – ensuring your artwork, frames mirrors and treasured objects are have built in earthquake resistance in the years to come.

New Zealand is typically safe from many naturally-occurring disaster events, however – due to our unique fault-line location – there is a high risk of moderate to serious seismic activity across both the North and South islands. Over the past year alone, New Zealand has experienced more than thirty earthquakes measuring 4.0 and above.

HANG art installation has identified a strong need for quality and effective systems to secure artworks and valuable objects. We specialise in earthquake-resistant hardware, which reduces and eliminates risk to your art collection and valuable objects.

HANG Art Installation

Our Services

HANG is New Zealand’s trusted professional art installation team. Located in Christchurch and providing secure art hanging and installation New Zealand wide, HANG offers expertise in…


Art and mirror installation

Earthquake secure object mounting

Stabilisation mounts for fine art sculpture and objects

Anchor mounts for objects

Seismic mitigation for collections

Engineered for Endurance

Proprietary Custom Hardware

HANG Art Installation is proud to manufacture and engineer all of our earthquake picture security hardware and cleating systems in Christchurch.

Engineering and design specialist Jamie Gilchrist has developed our exclusive system after carefully researching the range of current products in the market, and concluding that a more usable and innovative system was necessary. HANG’s art installation hardware uses a specially-designed security fastener, which creates a closed cavity for either a wire or D-Ring. This revolutionary hardware significantly reduces the possibility for the artwork to be damaged or released from the wall.

Hooks used in the current marketplace are designed for a single or double small nail, and are poorly engineered for earthquake protection. Leveraging on decades of experience in the construction industry, the team at HANG has designed an innovative and secure fixing method, which will become the standard in earthquake protection for securing fine art.

At HANG, we are committed to supporting New Zealand made products and therefore choose to use local manufacturing companies to produce our hardware, as opposed to cheaper, lesser-quality imports.

Meet Our Team


Jamie Gilchrist – Director, HANG Art Installation

HANG Art Installation Director Jamie Gilchrist has an academic background in design studies – offering a fine sense for detail, placement, balance and a strategic approach to challenges. Having owned and operated a business in the construction industry for the past 10 years, he has a broad knowledge of engineering systems, fixings and materials.

Jamie also offers experience working with a number of different art mediums, including professional training in art installation and assessment by Pierrette Van Cleeve – a renowned teacher in the international world of art.

With a personal interest in the art world, it has been Jamie’s pleasure to bring these elements together to provide a professional art installation service to New Zealand.


Director – Jamie Gilchrist
Bachelor of Arts(Design Studies)

Postgraduate Diploma in Consumer and Applied Sciences (Design Studies)

Masters in Consumer and Applied Sciences (Design Studies)


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